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Digital devices and usages are increasing the demands on our eyes. Closer and variable reading distances, smaller and more pixilated characters and longer exposure to screen glare are causing tired eyes and potentially exposing our eyes to the longer-term consequences of harmful blue-violet light. As many as three out of four people feel that they suffer from visual fatigue.

Protection Against Blue Light

Eyezen is a new range of lenses designed for a connected life. It draws on extensive Essilor research, and includes two important technologies. The first: Eyezen Focus lens technology brings extra power optimized according to wearers’ profiles in the bottom part of the lens to support the eye’s effort in focusing at ultra-near distances that are typical of handheld devices. The second is Light Scan, a unique light filtering technology drawn from Essilor’s landmark Crizal Prevencia innovation, which protects eyes from the harmful blue-violet light emitted by digital screens.

Within the Eyezen range are different types of solution. Essilor Eyezen are new single vision lenses for permanent wear available in different design optimizations. These support eye focusing efforts according to the physiological needs of three age groups (young adults aged 20-34 years, pre-presbyopes aged 35-44 and emerging presbyopes 45-50 years). Varilux Eyezen are new multi-focal lenses for occasional wear specifically designed for the digital activities of presbyopes. They exist in three designs optimized according to type of screen most used - smartphone/tablet, computer or large screen (TV or projector). In addition to existing personalization parameters, Varilux Eyezen lenses also offer an exclusive new personalization parameter - screen distance (vision distance to computer screen) to match individual intermediate vision needs.

Try Eyezen Today

Schedule an appointment today to find out if Eyezen lenses are right for you. Our optometrists will spend time with you at our Phoenix eye care center and show you why Eyezen lenses represent the latest in technological innovation – both relaxing eyes from digital eyestrain and contribute to protecting visual health over the long-term.

FAQs about Eyezen Lenses

What problem are Eyezen lenses by Essilor coming to solve?

Due to increased use of digital devices by people of all ages, many of our patients suffer from eye fatigue and headaches. EyeZen lenses are designed to reduce eye strain by protecting against blue light exposure from computers, cell phones, tablets and the sun. .

What are Eyezen lenses and how does the technology work?

Eyezen lenses contain specially-treated lenses which contain a high-quality anti-glare filter that keeps out harmful blue light rays. Eyezen lenses filter out 20% of harmful blue light rays. The lens has a slight yellow tint.

Who is a good candidate for EyeZen lenses?

  • Those who spend at least several hours per day in front of digital devices.
  • Patients who do not need distance correction.
  • A great lens for kids.
  • Patients who are primarily contact lens wearers, but spend hours per day on the computer

What are the benefits of EyeZen lenses?

  • Alleviate headaches and eye fatigue.
  • Protect your eyes against harmful blue light rays.
  • Wearing Eyezen lenses makes your eyes function more efficiently.
  • In addition to being worn for reading and working, many users of EyeZen lenses will wear the glasses full time.