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Computer Glasses Q&A

Woman wearing computer glasses while on tablet

How do computer glasses differ from regular glasses?

For many people, regular glasses provide clear vision at distance and near (including distance-only glasses, a bifocal or a progressive lens). Computer glasses have lenses that are focused specifically for the distance at which you sit from your computer. This is important because most people tend to read a book and use a tablet at different distances. Therefore, they would not be used for viewing long distances or driving nor would they be appropriate to read fine print in a book. They do, however, provide clear vision of your computer screen. This type of glasses is great for anyone that works on the computer for 2 or more hours per day.

What are the symptoms of CVS, will computer glasses prevent them?

The most common symptoms of CVS include eyestrain, blurred vision and headaches. Some patients also experience shoulder and neck pain as well as worsening dry eye symptoms. Computer glasses will bring the computer screen into focus to alleviate strain. This, in turn, can relieve many of these previously stated symptoms.

I have heard that computer glasses prevent bad posture and a sore back, how can that be?
By using the proper prescription while on the computer, it allows you to sit at the appropriate distance from the computer screen instead of leaning forward or backward. This allows proper spine alignment and neck position while sitting.

Can I wear my computer glasses when I am not on the computer?
Depending on the prescription given, computer glasses may be worn during other near tasks such as tablet use, certain hobbies, and other activities roughly arm’s length in distance away from your face. Computer glasses should not be worn for driving or any distance activities.

Should I get computer glasses with an anti-reflective treatment or a blue light filter?
I always recommend an anti-reflective treatment to my patients. When appropriate for patients with moderate to high amounts of blue light exposure, I also recommend blue light protection for spectacle lenses. Many lens treatments work double duty to provide both blue light protection as well as anti-glare properties. All patients regardless of age and profession should wear 100% UV blocking sunglasses when outside.

Do computer glasses help with dry eyes?
There are many aspects to dry eye. However, if a patient’s dry eye is exacerbated by straining to see a computer screen, computer glasses may allow the patient to spend less time staring to make the screen clear and more time enjoying comfortable vision.

Is there a specific brand of computer glasses that is better?
We recommend a professional pair of ophthalmic glasses made through our office with the proper customization as described above. This is the best way to address all of a patient’s needs.

I have perfect vision. Do I need computer glasses?
Just because your distance vision is clear does not mean your near vision is functioning at an optimal level. For instance, if you feel fatigued while on the computer after 10-15 minutes or you often have to take breaks from the computer to avoid headaches, you may be a candidate for computer glasses.

Is there such a thing as computer glasses for presbyopic people?
Yes. Many presbyopic patients eventually move into a bifocal or progressive lens in their glasses, but computer glasses are slightly different. They allow a larger area of the lens, or possible the entire lens, to be dedicated to computer vision.

I had LASIK, do I need computer glasses?
If you are struggling to maintain comfortable vision while on your computer, you may benefit from computer glasses. LASIK is usually done to correct your distance vision, but, as our eyes age, the ability of the eye to focus on the computer decreases. This is where computer glasses come in. They provide the focusing power that your eye is no longer able to perform.

I am on my computer all day. Is there such thing as computer glasses that look like designer frames?
Yes, any designer ophthalmic frame can be used in creating computer glasses. It is the lenses in that frame that designate it to be computer glasses.

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