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Eyepromise DVS Nutritional EyeSupplement

Dunlap Vision is committed to help you maintain healthy eyes, one of our solutions is Eyepromise vitamins, we wouldn’t recommend them if we didn’t truly believe in them. Eye promise has a vitamin for everyone, we are happy to give you a recommendation or check it out for yourself.

Eyepromise DVS Nutritional Eye Supplement

Trust EyePromise

For people who depend on sight to perform at a higher level, to those who face degenerative eye conditions, and everyone who wants to see their best every day, we keep life in focus.

Through years of research, we discovered the impact key nutrients have on all aspects of sight. Since we couldn’t find a solution on the market, we made our own. EyePromise is an entire line of eye health and visual performance products, each with a focus on specific conditions and outcomes.

Since 2001, EyePromise has been dedicated to fighting age-related eye health issues through science-based nutraceuticals. To date, more than 300 published studies exist on nutrition, macular pigment, and the impact on eye health.

Zeaxanthin and lutein work together to support the density, or thickness, of the macular pigment that is inside your eyes. A healthier macular pigment helps your eyes perform at their best every day. We offer the highest levels of dietary zeaxanthin, so we’re confident you’ll see results.



Naturally dim the bright, blue light from every reflection of the sun, headlights, and lights on the field.

Adaptation time

Make it easier to see you move from dark to light and perform in direct sunlight – even without sunglasses.

Eye stress

Lessen the impact on your eyes from bright lights, phone screens, tablets, and computers by helping them to work more efficiently.

Occasional Dry eye

Help your eyes create enough tears to combat irritated occasional dry eyes and discomfort from contact lenses, LASIK or environmental factors.



Boosting your eyes’ ability to pick up on the fine details makes it easier to isolate objects against a background – including baseballs in the clouds and pucks between skates.

Processing speed

When your eyes operate at their best, it minimizes the time it takes for your eyes to recognize what they are seeing and send the information to your brain for processing. In recent studies, visual EDGE Pro improved processing speed by 20%.

Reaction time

By speeding up the time it takes to recognize an object, you need less time to react and take an appropriate reaction – whether that’s swinging the racket or catching a baseball. According to recent research, visual EDGE Pro speeds up reaction time by 10%.

Night vision

By reducing the glare of oncoming headlights and improving contrast in low-light conditions, it’s easier to see your surroundings at night while driving.

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